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The purpose of creating the Ukrpatent Special Information System is to provide access to information resources published pursuant to requirements of the national legislation.

The Special Information System (SIS) is a search engine that has a universal search interface. With the help of the SIS, through one query one can perform a search within published applications and state registrations of all types of industrial property rights (IPR).
The SIS has simple and advanced search facilities.

The simple search is implemented for users who do not have much experience dealing with industrial property information. Therefore, this search form interface is simplified and familiar to many users of the Internet.

The advanced search has additional search tools. Here you can restrict the search by the type of IPR, legal status of IPR and, depending on the selected IPR type and legal status, choose the necessary search criteria.

Moreover, in both search modes a user can restrict the search by creating additional search conditions with the Add criteria button. The search process is started by clicking the Show results button.

Detailed view of the search results is also available.

The SIS users can enjoy more access possibilities through authorization. Overview option for application materials or a registered industrial property right file wrapper and the review feature for pending applications is available for the registered SIS users.


Special information system of Ukrpatent (SIS)

The service was created to search for information about industrial property objects.


Actualization date: 09/26/2020 6:21 a.m.
Count of documents: 849753

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